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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tea-The Perfect Brew and Decaf Too!

Tea has been a favorite drink from royalty to the working class for centuries.
As part of  the 'Living the Victorian Life' series it was only natural to begin with tea.
Brewing the Perfect Pot of Tea:
1. Start with your favorite blend of tea leaves.

 2. Place tea leaves in tea strainer.
 3. Temper the teapot (this is done by swishing hot water in the pot and then emptying it before adding the tea strainer).
 4. Fill tea pot with hot water.
 5. Steep tea for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.
(I like my tea strong:).
 6. Once steeping is complete remove tea strainer with leaves.
 7. Pour tea into your favorite cup and enjoy!
 Decaf Tea:
To decaf tea follow steps 1-3 above.
At step 4 add the hot water and steep for approximately 30 seconds.
Remove tea strainer with tea leaves and empty liquid from the tea pot.
Replace the tea strainer in pot, pour hot water in pot until full and continue process as shown above:).
To make your tea experience special try the following:
Use your favorite tea pot and tea cup-even if it is the good china-that's what makes it special!
Brew a favorite blend of tea. I prefer Harney and Sons loose leaf teas which are available online and in some retail settings (generally tea bags are tea dust and don't provide the perfect pot of tea).
Flavor tea with sugar, cream, or honey. For fun, try a flavored creamer (I like vanilla creamer in  flavored teas-a dash is all it takes:).
Invite a friend to join you:).


  1. Kim, The teapot is so very pretty!
    Tea sure would taste good just about now. I am tired and think this would add a boost in the evening.


  2. decaf tea
    i love tea so much for evening time ……………..
    decaf tea amassing tea ….i am not try it …..but i discuss a lot…..