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Saturday, March 14, 2015

50 Shades of Mohair

50 Shades of Mohair (with a touch of cat hair:).
Silvery gray, pearlescent white, coffee brown, tawny tan, dusky black…ahh, the enticing shades of teddy bear mohair. In the dusty corner of attics to the deep recesses of ambrosial scented cedar chests reside the tantalizingly cuddly cohorts of childhood. With the seductive allure of glassy eyes, soft embroidered lips, and moveable limbs, the teddy bear is childhood’s hero, guarding little ones from the ever present dangers lurking beneath beds or within the darkness of closets. These cuddly companions provide comfort, friendship, and unmitigated devotion. A dedicated lot, they endure a mélange of frivolity such as the provocative enticement of tea parties, late night sleepovers, not to mention dressing up in all manner of costuming engaging in make-believe play. Their cottony memories safeguard childhood secrets and confessions while woolly mohair is bathed in the salty tears of disenchantment.
What begins as a soft furry playmate slowly morphs into a ragged companion enduring loss of stuffing, mending, petting, and snuggling. Fur fades, mohair wears, and glass eyes are lost, yet these treasured comrades persist, evoking a sense of contentment and gratification lasting a lifetime. Surrender to the repressed yearning of childhood merriment by indulging in a night of peace and tranquility found in the cuddly companionship of a mohair teddy bear.

Bearton Abbey Resumes!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Through Button Eyes: Memoirs of an Edwardian Teddy Bear, An Heirloom Story

Meet Sir Bearsley Tolpuddles, star of the soon to be released novel Through Button Eyes by author Kim Poovey.
Discover history of the Edwardian era and beyond through the eyes of an antique mohair teddy bear.
Stay tuned for more...