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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pallet Hair Work-Love Tokens

There is a certain romance in the exchange of a lock of hair from a loved one.
This piece shows neatly woven hair for the background of  a love knot created with the hair of another.
The photo of a gentleman graces the opposite side, probably the provider of the dark hair.
No doubt a lovely young lady wore this brooch on her collar proudly displaying the image of her true love with a token of love hidden behind it.

Intricately woven hair beneath the glass of this delicate piece.

A commonly seen pattern called prince of Wales curls embellished with gold thread and pearl beads.
 A tiny example of woven hair beneath the center glass of this ring.

An unusual pattern using hair from two people and finished with a pearl bead at the flower center.
 Variation of prince of Wales curls.
Tomorrow I will share table hair work!

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