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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Hairy Situation

Hair was a very important commodity in the Victorian era.
 A lady kept excess hair gathered from her brush in something called a 'hair receiver', a small container with a hole in the lid. 
These wads of hair were referred to as 'rats' and were used to add volume to hairstyles much like hair pieces are used today.
Hair receivers can be found in various styles and materials such as porcelain, silver, Bakelite, celluloid, or crystal.
A hand-painted porcelain hair receiver with yellow roses and songbird.
This footed hair receiver is bedecked with gold trim and delicate roses.
This silver hair receiver is part of a matching dresser set including a hair brush, clothing brushes, and trinket box.
Example of a hair rat:).
A lady could roll her hair around this to give substance to a bun or swept-up hair style.
Hair combs were the crowning jewel to the final hair style.
Visit again soon for posts on additional uses for hair during the Victoria era:).


  1. Hi Kim,

    Interesting post and thanks for sharing.
    You have some lovely old hair accessories and did not know about the hair receiver.

    Happy week

  2. Hi Kim,
    I enjoyed seeing your hair receivers, I really like the one with the bird. Pretty! I only have one. :)
    Have a great week,